Classical Ballet and Pointe: Ballet is a beautiful art form which requires dedication and discipline on the part of the student. Progress is made slowly, but the rewards are many. It is an excellent form of exercise for all ages, toning and strengthening the entire body, and helps to promote good posture and alignment. Pointe work begins at age ten for the serious dance student.

Pre-Ballet: In an atmosphere of fun, this class is designed to introduce pre-schoolers to the world of dance. Through various movement activities, children learn to use their bodies and imaginations. They will develop an awareness of music and rhythms and will begin to explore the many capabilities of their own bodies. Some basic ballet positions and steps will be learned.

Jazz/Hip Hop: Jazz and Hip Hop are an excellent compliment to ballet training. These expressive styles of dance open up many new possibilities for movement to the dance student. Done to popular music, they are fast-paced and fun form of dance.

Tap: Tap is an ever-popular style of dance. It is ideal for improving coordination skills and is a great form of exercise for all ages.

Modern: Modern Dance is a creative approach to dance, constantly exploring new ways of moving, expanding the boundaries of classical dance to encompass all movement.

Irish Step Dance: Irish Step Dance dates back to 1750, when intricate footwork and patterns were taught in measures of eight…hence the term “step dance”. The traditional dances have been passed down through the years by Irish Dance masters. Dancers begin learning the soft shoe dances and move on to hard shoe when those are mastered.

Karate: “Shotokan,” the oldest traditional style of karate, is offered for ages 6 thru adult. The class is strictly non-contact, with the emphasis on posture, self-control, and self defense skills. Woodstock Shotokan is affiliated with the Japan Karate Association and the International Traditional Karate Federation. Students have the option of participating in regional tournaments.

Adult Fitness: Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, Body Sculpting, Boot Camp and Complete Core classes are offered through independent organizations at our studio at very affordable prices. For more information visit American Bodyworks (in our shopping center) at and Tracy Porter at